We are a full-service tool, equipment and supply company for jewelers, metalsmiths and enamelists. We supply quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service.

We carry hard-to-find SOYER leaded, French enamels & findings.

What sets Warg Enamel & Tool Center apart is Pauline Warg, a renowned silversmith / enamelist for over 30 years, who is on site in her studio to answer all of your questions.

Our gallery features the metalsmithing jewelry and enamels of Pauline Warg, and gift items such as the graphite sculptures of A.S. Batle.

NEW: Video of Pauline presenting a workshop in Arizona.

Our expansive, new teaching studio accommodates eight students in a bright, clean, well-equipped space. We offer a variety of classes for the novice or professional.

We have two PDFs available for downloading: